Limits Bia Power Meter

Thank you for your visit to our website. It is with a heavy heart that I find myself necessitated to communicate that LIMITS Technology has arrived at the challenging resolution to initiate proceedings of Insolvency by means of a Compulsory Liquidation directive. This decision was not reached without due consideration; rather, it was compelled by a creditor whose repayment terms we regrettably could not fulfil within the stipulated timeframe.

Amidst the formidable circumstances faced by the broader cycling and Sports Technology industry, we endeavoured to steer our business through tumultuous waters. Despite our earnest attempts, the prevailing conditions necessitate that we concede our endeavours. Thus, it is with a profound sense of disappointment that we find ourselves at this juncture.

To preside over the complex intricacies of this situation, we have duly engaged the professional services of Begbies Traynor, an established entity in the realm of Insolvency practitioners, located in Glasgow. Their mandate encompasses not only the management of the liquidation process but also the endeavour to realize optimal value from our company's tangible and intangible assets, including intellectual property.

Please be assured that this course of action has not been taken without careful consideration, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused. We extend our gratitude for your understanding during this challenging period.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Hamilton Norton