take control of your training

Know when and how hard to push your training

push your limits

Get stronger and get faster, but don’t waste your time and energy in the process


Use the tools the professionals use

you don't always need a group to train

Using a power meter allows you to train hard individually and get better

The LIMITS Power meter is Made for You

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, a LIMITS Power Meter is the training tool for you.

Its unique, but straightforward approach to the design, means that the LIMITS Power Meter is purpose built to fit every bicycle on the globe…and help you get the very best out of your cycling at a price you will love!

Why Limits?

Save Your Sanity

Everything you hate about compatability. Solved.

Our unique design, where the power meter sits between the pedal and crank arm, mean that it’s compatible with ALL road and mountain bikes. Yep, every single one!

Save Your Time

No messing about.

Because it simply screws between he pedal and crank arm, it’s really fast to swap your Limits Power Meter between bikes. And you don’t even need any special tools.

Save Your Money

Eye watering prices. NOT!

The simplicity in our design, allows us to not charge the earth for each Limits. We allow everyone to use the training tools of elite riders, without having to pay premium prices.

"I know when to push myself"

“Was great to have Limits provide a power reference for my training….thanks for making this an easy, affordable alternative!”


“Really helps me train when I am on my own. I usually have trouble pacing myself and this has helped me become more consistent. And I know when to push myself, without killing my legs for the return! Thanks.”


“Really useful and consistent in the power


“I think this is a great and low cost product”


12 month warranty

We’ve got your back. You can ride with confidence with 12 months protection against manufacturing defects.

7 day guarantee

If you take the Limits Power Meter for a spin and don’t love it, we’ll gladly take it back for a refund (some restrictions may apply).

secure payments

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