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We’re in the business of making you stronger

Limits Power Meters

Limits is the best friend of every bicycle owner, from novice to tri-athlete.

Our mission is to help them be stronger and faster cyclists, using a simple and affordable power meter, on ANY of their bikes.

And we are called Limits because we want to help every cyclist improve their performance by pushing THEIR limits!

About us 2

Great power meter that works with all bikes including my classic one. Really exceptional customer service!

James B
Michigan, USA

Company profile

Company Profile

Limits’ primary strategy is to bring performance-enhancing Power meter Technology to the mass market and to provide the amateur athlete with the tools of the elite. To achieve this, Limits is founded on the belief that simplicity is the best approach. Our product strives to provide a simple, intuitive experience while still providing scientific-level results. This means our customers can install and operate our product without advanced technical knowledge. Reaching the global market requires a product that can give accurate, repeatable data in any conditions, without the need for expert analysis.

The Limits power meter is the only patented product that fits directly between the pedal and the crank and therefore has 100% compatibility with every bike on the market. No other power meter can make this claim. The price point is achieved by separating the power meter from all other component parts and providing a single stand-alone power meter. It is not possible to achieve this without the patented design reference US 10,788,383 B2

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