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01 Is everything I need to use my Limits Bia in the box?

Yep. Because it’s so easy to install, all you need to do is insert the batteries (included), attach it to your bike, calibrate it using your Ant+ or Bluetooth device and off you go.

02 Does Limits Bia need special pedals?

No, the Limits Bia works with all standard 9/16th x 20tpi pedals.

03 What crank lengths does it work with?

165 to 180 mm (in 2.5mm increments).

04 What kinds of bike does a Limits Bia work on?

Well… it’ll work on road, time trial, triathlon, track and gravel bikes, as well as cross-country and enduro bikes. Oh, did we mention indoor trainers? Yep, those too. Pretty much any bike that has a pedal.

05 Does it increase Q-factor?

Yes. Your stance width increases by 18mm / side. But then, Q-Factors vary significantly across road, moutain bike and indoor trainers, without it affecting you riding.

06 Can I use it if I have flats instead of clips?

We’d recommend wearing clips. The force going through your pedal is slightly different without clips, so it may affect the accuracy of your power.

07 What kinds of batteries should I use?

SR44 Silver Oxide batteries must be used and should give you 80+ hours of battery life. LR44 batteries are more common and significantly cheaper. The unit will function using these batteries however the battery life will be limited to <10hrs and the accuracy will be perhaps 30% out. Please be aware of LR44 cells that are being sold as SR44.

08 Is a Limits Bia waterproof?

It’s certified to IP54…any more means either your swimming with it or you’ve decided to blast your bike with a pressure washer – in either case, your power meter will be the least of your worries!

09 Is there a temperature range to use it?

Your Limits Bia will be absolutely fine from -10°C to +50°C. If you want to go cycling outside that range, then we’d question your sanity!

10 Is there a low battery warning?

We’ve built in 2 low battery warnings, so you’re not caught out. “Low” at 25% battery remaining and “Critical” at 10% remaining!

11 How do I clean my Limits Bia?

Don’t worry, you can keep your Limits Bia nice and squeaky clean! Just use a damp cloth to give it a wipe and it’ll look as good as new. And it’ll love you if you unscrew it from your crank occasionally and give the thread some new grease.

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