We’re LIMITS technology and we believe in bringing power to the people!


Whether you’re an all the time, some of the time, or only when you have the time cyclist, the LIMITS team are here to help you get the best out of your cycling time!

our story

Put quite simply, we are a bunch of passionate, amateur cyclists who want to improve our cycling performance.

The idea for LIMITS was born in 2015 when founder, Kenneth Norton, got frustrated by the lack of a straightforward bicycle power meter, that was compatible with ALL bicycles. Looking at the market, there were products he could purchase…but none at a price he loved!

So never one to shy away from a challenge and never to accept status quo, we embarked on a study to figure out the best way to build a power meter that works on every bike and won’t make you significantly poorer. We think we’ve done it.

Our LIMITS power meter design is simple yet ingenious, by combining state of the art hardware, intelligent software and our original and inventive approach to the mechanics, we’ve got a superb product that fits all bikes and all budgets.

Power to the people! (Or at least the cyclist!)

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