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How long do the LIMITS batteries last?

The LIMITS battery life is estimated at 65 hours.

Does LIMITS need special pedals?

No, LIMITS works with all standard 9/16th x 20tpi pedals.

Is LIMITS waterproof?

Yes, it’s designed to withstand submerging down to 1 metre for 30 seconds.

Calibration position?

LIMITS should be calibrated in the 6 O’clock position with your feet unclipped from the pedals.

NOTE: Bike must be in a vertical position.

Will it work on my turbo trainer?

Yes, LIMITS will work with your turbo trainer.

Importance of torque?

It is recommended that you torque your LIMITS to 30 – 35Nm. If torque is less the power values may be variable until LIMITS is fully bedded in.

NOTE: Always torque to a safe level to ensure neither your pedal nor your LIMITS works loose.

Supported crank lengths?

LIMITS supports crank lengths of 165 to 180mm in 2.5mm increments – headset programmable.

wake-up / sleep timeout?

LIMITS is woken up by rotating the pedals . LIMITS goes to sleep after 80 seconds of inactivity.

Pedal compatibility?

LIMITS is compatible with all pedals.

NOTE: When using HEX style pedal you must insert the 8mm to 6mm reducer prior to fitting pedal otherwise you may be unable to separate you LIMTS from your pedal.

The Q-Factor

LIMITS moves the pedal out by 17.5mm.

Does LIMITS measure power individually for each leg?

LIMITS is a single-sided power meter that measures forces on the left pedal only to approximate total power.

Weight limit?

LIMITS is qualified to 125kg as per the iso standard 4210-8

LED sequence?

On inserting the batteries the blue LED is on for 60 seconds followed by a quick flash of the green LED then no LED.

Pairing with headset: You can pair to LIMITS once the blue LED is off.

Updating Firmware: LIMITS firmware can be updated when the blue LED is on.

Will it work with my road/TT/triathlon/track/mountain bike?

Yes, LIMITS works with any bike. It measures the forces applied through the pedals so the type of bike doesn’t matter.

How accurate is LIMITS?

LIMITS measures power to +/-2%.

Recommended headset configuration?

Headset configuration will depend on your training routine but for general riding we recommend settings of 30 second power aveaging and to include zeros in the power data averaging.

Significance of calibration value?

The calibration value is the install angle of LIMITS relative to the crank arm in the 6 O’clock position. The install angle is used by the software to accurately determine the position of LIMITS throughout the rotation of the pedal.

Is there a spacer for the right hand side?

Yes, the product is shipped with a dummy LIMITS to balance spacing on the right hand side.

Does LIMITS measure cadence?

Yes, LIMITS measures cadence using an inclinometer at a resolution of sub 1 degree. It does not need a magnet or anything else fitted to your bike.

What makes of pedal and crank arm does LIMITS work with?

All standard pedals and crank arms designed to take 9/16th x 20tpi pedals

How are the LIMITS batteries replaced?

The batteries are simple and quick to change using a small coin. Battery caps are removed clockwise.

Battery type is SR44

What bike computer does LIMITS work with?

The LIMITS power meter meets the ANT+ wireless standard, giving you the flexibility to choose from many 3rd party ANT+ compatible head units, which have the ability to calibrate and display power.

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Changelog from V2.4:

Gauge factor min/max range narrowed
Power savings made around the ADC
Improved handling of unexpected message requests

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