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Common Problems

No power output

If you have no power output from your LIMITS but have cadence then it may be that the LIMITS needs calibrated.

Unclip from the pedals, move the LIMITS to the 6 o’clock position and carry out a calibration.

If you have no power or cadence output then check that the LIMITS is paired with your headset. If LIMITS is not paired with your headset then try pairing remembering
that LIMITS may need to be woken up by spinning the pedals.

If you are still unable to pair check the status of the batteries.

Power Dropouts

If you are experiencing missing data while riding or seeing 0w displayed while pedalling for intermittent periods of time, it may be one or more of the following issues that could be interrupting the broadcast of information between your power meter and head unit.


  1. Check your LIMITS is “manually paired” with your head unit.
  2. Check your head unit firmware is up to date.
  3. Check your LIMITS firmware is up to date.
  4. Check the correct batteries are installed, SR44 Silver Oxide.

Broken Battery end caps

If you notice that the battery end caps are cracked or have been damaged, the power meter’s waterproof seal will be compromised. This can also result in dropped connection with your head unit and a loss of power from the unit since the battery is not securely held in place. Continuing to ride with the power meter battery cover unsecured can result in permanent damage to your power meter.  


Contact support@limits.technology for replacement battery end caps.


Low Battery Warning

If you receive a low battery warning there are several steps that we recommend to diagnose short battery life issues.


  1. Check the firmware is up to date on the power meter
  2. Check for evidence of water intrusion
  3. Check the correct batteries are installed, these must be SR44 Silver Oxide and not LR44 Alkaline


It is possible that the head unit has flagged a false low so double check the battery status via your headset.

Failure to calibrate with Garmin500

The Garmin Edge 500 is unable to finish calibrating or may be very slow to calibrate if it is still searching for other non-paired sensors.

As LIMITS contains a cadence sensor it is recommended that you disable the cadence sensor on the Garmin 500 Settings > Bike Settings > Bike 1 (or applicable bike profile) > ANT+ Spd/Cad > and change the selection “No”.

LIMITS not Detected

If you cannot detect your LIMITS try the following steps noting that LIMITS goes into sleep mode after 80 seconds of inactivity, you will need to rotate the pedals to wake LIMITS back up.


  1. Check that you have entered the correct ANT+ ID
  2. Try moving your headset closer to LIMTS
  3. Try an auto search
  4. Check the correct batteries are installed, these must be SR44 Silver Oxide and not LR44 Alkaline

Fitting Hex Pedals

If you are fitting hex pedals you must fit the 8mm to 6mm reducer to ensure you can separate the LIMITS from your pedal when switching your LIMITS between bikes.

Calibration Failure

If your headset returns a 200 error this indicates that the bike is tilted too far over, ensure the bike is upright and rerun the calibration.  


If your headset returns a 0 error this indicates a calibration timeout, try moving the headset closer to your LIMITS.


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